It's been nearly a year since I stepped out into obedience and began writing publicly. One year since the birth of my blog that I swore was never going to be me. A year full of adventure, excitement, vulnerability, growth, travels and memories that will linger in my mind and heart for many years to... Continue Reading →

Attitude of Gratitude

(The following is a contributed post written for the Pregnancy Help Center:) I sit at my desk, working from home as I hear my daughters in the distant living room. They’re bickering over tv channels and baby dolls, yelling (demanding) more snacks from our full pantry. How ungrateful it sounds to me as I find... Continue Reading →

“Raise a Hallelujah”

“And now, o Lord, for what do I wait. My Hope is in you.” Psalm 39:7 There are moments in this life that catch us beyond our own emotions. Clocks tick minute by minute as we hold our breaths and pray for the best. Seconds skipping the face of time when we realize our worst... Continue Reading →


It’s as if the trees are teaching us this lesson. Let go of what you cannot hold, but with empty branches and empty hands open our hearts to what our Creator is preparing for us in His coming season...

Life Unfair

Life. It’s like this blank page staring back at us. Taunting us to write all of our hopes and dreams and desires all over the chapters that we compile into the story of our lives, never knowing if they’ll pan out the way we plan. Some pages in our books are filled with adventure and... Continue Reading →

When Fear Wins

Fear.  Miriam Webster’s dictionary defines it as the “concern about what may happen: worry.” I might describe fear as the emotion who’s agenda consists of attempting to consume. Fear destroys the somber peace I innately crave, and wastes no time attempting to steal the joy I know was created for me by my Maker. Fear... Continue Reading →


Remember when we were young? Remember being so full of life eagerly watching and waiting impatiently for love? We just knew in our bones what it would look like and feel like. Our future held all the promises that we could ever possibly imagine? Life was abundant with dreams and desires. Prince Charming would bound... Continue Reading →

Love You a Latté

You know why I think women like little coffee shops? I don’t think it has as much to do with the trendy decór or the “crunchy” local food, not even the delicious coffee infused with aromas and latté art as much as we tell ourselves. I think it’s more of the connections that happen there.... Continue Reading →


Perspective: To what do we hold in our hands. Our every day routines, our accomplishments, our desires, frustrations, our goals and our prerequisites that await us in our calendar every. single. morning before our feet barely even hit the ground running? Why: Do you feel the pressure weighing on your shoulders? The stress of the... Continue Reading →

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