I try to talk with my friends, acquaintances and colleagues about the present year. “How are you?!” “Great!” “Fine” “So good to see you!” We go through the basic rhetoric as we each mumble with a hidden smiles and squinty eyes beneath our mandatory face masks.  (Can you tell I’m trying to smile at you?)”... Continue Reading →

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A Weary World Rejoices

On the eve of what would usher in the chance for restored humanity, in the darkness of a fallen world and the somber pangs of a lonely night, stars paving a road to an altered eternity yet no room left for weary travelers at the inn... moments before forever changed, do you think they felt... Continue Reading →

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Sweet Friendship

Sometimes the struggle to find the right words seems impossible. The moments when you aren’t sure what to say so it seems easier to simply stay quiet. To empathize with others in their pain, means to carry their burden and their heartache as if it were your own. To honor their anguish and find rest... Continue Reading →

Dear Daughters…

Yesterday a proverbial “glass ceiling” was shattered in the political and historical realm. A landmark moment for women of the world as a new position was taken by a female that has never been before. The liberal left and the conservative right alike are condoning and celebrating the sexual identity of the person who holds... Continue Reading →


In case you haven’t noticed, the entire world around us seems to be changing. Changing Rapidly. Changing in what our lives look like, changing in how we dress when we leave the house. Changing how we plan our days and how many stops we make and where we eat, and with whom we shop and... Continue Reading →

Consider the Kingdom

Ok Mama. Here we go. Here we go into the wild unknown. Into the crazy of this self-determined quarantine that feels confusing and catastrophic. God has prepared us individually for the crazy today and the wild tomorrows.  He has fully chosen you to be the mother to your children. The educator of their impressionable brains and flourisher of... Continue Reading →


Our society writhes in constant longing for the most natural of desire forged within us. It seems that at every bend in the road, every turn of our head, every ad on our screens we are flooded with the need for companionship; telling us how necessary it is for our minds, souls and bodies to... Continue Reading →


It's been nearly a year since I stepped out into obedience and began writing publicly. One year since the birth of my blog that I swore was never going to be me. A year full of adventure, excitement, vulnerability, growth, travels and memories that will linger in my mind and heart for many years to... Continue Reading →

Attitude of Gratitude

(The following is a contributed post written for the Pregnancy Help Center:) I sit at my desk, working from home as I hear my daughters in the distant living room. They’re bickering over tv channels and baby dolls, yelling (demanding) more snacks from our full pantry. How ungrateful it sounds to me as I find... Continue Reading →

“Raise a Hallelujah”

“And now, o Lord, for what do I wait. My Hope is in you.” Psalm 39:7 There are moments in this life that catch us beyond our own emotions. Clocks tick minute by minute as we hold our breaths and pray for the best. Seconds skipping the face of time when we realize our worst... Continue Reading →


It’s as if the trees are teaching us this lesson. Let go of what you cannot hold, but with empty branches and empty hands open our hearts to what our Creator is preparing for us in His coming season...

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