“Raise a Hallelujah”

“And now, o Lord, for what do I wait. My Hope is in you.” Psalm 39:7

There are moments in this life that catch us beyond our own emotions. Clocks tick minute by minute as we hold our breaths and pray for the best. Seconds skipping the face of time when we realize our worst nightmares are becoming our very realities. The moments that take our breathe and spirit from our beings and drill wells of confusion brimming over with their harsh realities.

What would I say. What would I offer to the mother who has lost her own child, born from her very own flesh and blood, whose aching is more than any black and white words can bear to express, whose loss is that only of a Father in Heaven who has experienced the same enormity of her pain. 

What would I say to the woman whose husband has forsaken her and trampled on the promises he had once gifted to her. As she weeps in her sleep in her lonely bed as he sneaks away to another woman. As she rises each morning and prepares to greet her children with strength and peace, and she begs God for his repentance and transformation.  

What do I say to my friend who has three young children, whose husband’s cancer has returned with ferocity. How do I hold her up and serve her family and encourage her spirit as the doctors give the prognosis we prayed would never come-to-pass. What words do I offer as she struggles being in five places at once as the chains of this disease strangle the burning tears from our eyes?

There are moments that words aren’t enough; Times when the Holy Spirit must make intercessions of our prayers to the Father in Heaven because our very own tainted thoughts cannot be enough to understand the language of our broken hearts. 

What promises can I turn to? Where can I lead my friends in their anguish as they walk blindly into their unknown futures? What hope can I possibly provide when the world is so dark that it seems there is no hope to be found?

When the castles crumble around us, when the earth is moved and the mountains shake we must remember that our God is unmovable. And so my words will lift to a melody as we:

 “Raise a Hallelujah: In the presence of my enemies”

When a child is taken too soon as only a broken world would allow, as God aches for our pain just as He watched his own child be forsaken on this earth, we will usher the mother into a circle of protection and fight her battles for her. We will weep with her and provide a safe haven for her anguish. And then we will lift her up as we:

Raise a Hallelujah: Louder than the unbelief”

When we are forsaken by vows and covenants are broken, when the nights are lonely and seem endless? We will remind the thief in the night just Who spoke the darkness into existence and Who places the stars in the night sky. And just as the stars were created to cry out in praise? With them we too will: 

Raise  Hallelujah” because our “Weapon is a melody”

When the prognosis is dim and the statistics shout numbers that desire to steal our strength and replace it with fear and defeat? We will sing our praises to the Creator who authors the numbers and percentages and remind those doctors Who actually numbers our days. And in front of them with certainty, with faith and with grit… we will:

 “Raise A Hallelujah.” Because Heaven comes to fight for me”

In every need, in every loss, in every anguish, brokenness, turmoil and defeat that this passing world has to offer? We will carry each others burdens on our shoulders as we are commanded to do, and fight in this spiritual battlefield with our prayers of thanksgiving and praise as we wait upon the Lord.

Let Hope be the answer to every question. Let Jesus be the key to our only Hope. And as the words of the song proclaim? let us:
“Raise a Hallelujah with everything inside of me”

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure, it enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.” Hebrews 6:19

(All credit  of the song and lyrics for Raise A Hallelujah given to Bethel Music: March 8, 2019/ Victory) Watch the story of this miraculous song here.

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  1. Great post, when all hope appears gone, to whom do we turn. Nothing is impossible to God, it’s a question of the space we create inside, for His power to reside within. I saw the Holy Spirit, and it came with great power, all you have to do is remain patient, ask for what is life giving, amen


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