It’s been nearly a year since I stepped out into obedience and began writing publicly. One year since the birth of my blog that I swore was never going to be me. A year full of adventure, excitement, vulnerability, growth, travels and memories that will linger in my mind and heart for many years to come. When I consider the milestones met from early 2019? The tasks, the podcasts, the work opportunities, the travel and experiences, the relationships formed and forged…the common theme is that the Lord’s hand and blessing has been involved in each and every pathway.

And although my year in review shows wonderful pictures of exciting opportunities of new friends and love and accomplishments, as you open your social medias, as you watch the same hallmark movies on repeat and listen to the same joyful carols in the car each day this time of year, be reminded that if this year wasn’t your best? If this year hurt you, if you find yourself in a totally different place than you’ve ever expected you would be, if your road ahead for 2020 looks murky and unknown, remember that too is acceptable. That life isn’t all jolly and joyful. And remember that even Jesus wept.

Not long ago, I spent a Christmas with my little ones unknown of our future. Scared, hurting, alone and broken. So let this be for one person reading this that may be in need of hope, and in this…may you be reminded of One (and the most important) truth:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. John 1:5

Let Jesus invade your darkest moments. Welcome Him into the hurt and the secrets. Be found in the actual meaning of this season: the Savior who has come to save a hurting and broken heart. Perhaps that’s you. And in your pain? Remember that many have walked this road before you, and walk with you now in love. You are never alone.

May we each be a little kinder this Christmas to our friends and neighbors. Extend a smile of grace and an act of love to those you see this season. You may never know who is hiding the hurt behind their smile.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, my friends. And may your coming year be filled with the presence of the One who calls you by your name.

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