A Weary World Rejoices

On the eve of what would usher in the chance for restored humanity, in the darkness of a fallen world and the somber pangs of a lonely night, stars paving a road to an altered eternity yet no room left for weary travelers at the inn… moments before forever changed, do you think they felt it

An unmarried girl wandering the streets with her betrothed and seemingly illegitimate child.  Do you think they scoffed? One last door slammed in their face, as she aches and writhes in the curse of childbirth. Even so, a predestined manger scene holds the quiet anticipation of what has been promised for generations to come.

As the sun set, families scurrying to-and-fro working in fields, preparing evening meals, lighting their candles one last time as the darkness settles over an unsuspecting, little town…do you think the air held an electricity no mere human could create? Perhaps there was spark in the night to ignite the world with the anticipation of the greatest Hope to come?

A fragrance from heaven sweet to behold. A gnawing deep within humanities soul of something they couldn’t quite put their finger on…something about to change.. something that would never again replace the way the world would ever view humanity. Did they whisper in secrecy of that women in the barn? Wondering why she was there, when she would leave? 

Behold, the labor of modest proportions with eternal ramifications.

Did people wake in the meek morning hours with an aching of change embedded within their weary hearts? Did the world feel a little…Lighter?

Shepherds counting stars as they twinkled in the night. Dozing, waking men to perceive glory surrounding them. Promising certainty, declaring goodness, surprising them with a chance for new tomorrows… all found in the unanticipated work of a flock in their field. 

Kings begin wondering and wandering the desert with finest of gifts fit only for royalty. An electric feeling found in their presence and pursuit. Keeping this secret to themselves; knowing all too well of the darkness that would hunt them for the Truth that they had found. 

A baby boy. Born into darkness. Perfection in embodiment of the Highest Authority. Given in the quietest of places, in the most humble of venues, in the darkest of nights. The world would never again be the same. 

Nothing could return this gift of Grace. The world in every attempt could never give back the Hope from the Heavens. No one could shun Immanuel from this atmosphere. God (truly) with us.

Truly forever. As He lived, as He died, as He would rise again. Truly in our hearts forever. But only for a little while. Only until next time, when He returns again. Yet not as a child. Not in stillness. Not in a stable.  

Do we live in quiet anticipation? Do we live as if is this is the eve of a dawning that will change eternity …again? Can you feel the electricity in the air? The shivers on your skin and up your spine as something is about to change…forever. Do we welcome Him into our hearts or shut the doors of our souls like so many in that small town before us? Have we learned nothing of the first, humble coming of Christ? Of his determination and will for His undoubted presence to be made known? In the moments before forever will change…do you think we’ll feel it? 

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