In case you haven’t noticed, the entire world around us seems to be changing. Changing Rapidly. Changing in what our lives look like, changing in how we dress when we leave the house. Changing how we plan our days and how many stops we make and where we eat, and with whom we shop and play.

But the most drastic change I’m noticing hasn’t been the way we enter the public realm, what color masks or material we choose to promote or even the opinions we share with our closest friends and family around once empty dinner tables.

The greatest assault on our world and our nation and our neighbors has been a continued revealing of our very own thoughts, opinions and hearts as we engage and respond to the realities we are living in. 

It’s only human nature to disagree. Since the very beginning of the ages humanity has had contention and anger and even lashed out at one another, but at what cost? At the price tag of allowing hate to bury seeds of destruction inside our hearts? To watch our closest family become bitter enemies as we divide the Tree of Liberty…to chop her limbs and burn her roots? To cut off the ties that wove us as a once united front now allowing death and deceit to control our thoughts and conversations? 

My heart has many feelings, but today it is swollen with the sadness of division we have allowed to enter our societal fabric. We have allowed weekly courthouse meetings and status updates to depict which side of the fence will live or die. We have handed Fear the keys to our homes and given ourselves over to the powers that tell us who to obey and who to report. We have chosen to divide rather than connect.

 It has become unacceptable to have dynamic conversations. We must learn the art of paradigm: to hold contention in one hand and resolve in another. To not lash out amongst social media threads and share opinions that will neither connect and communicate for the greater good, but rather enter into sweet communication seasoned with salt and light and engage with humility the race that has been set before us in this ordained (albeit stressful) season of our lives. 

It has been four months since the world around me has “shut down.” But it has been what feels like an eternity of watching my family members, my neighbors, my friends spew their opinions and anger and assaults at each other and even myself for our own convictions and beliefs. 

My friends, my neighbors, my brothers, my sisters…at the end of the road, when we meet our fate (which we all eventually will) – whether by Covid or coronary- remember this:

We will be known for our words. We will be Known for our actions. But most of all?

We will be known by our Love. 

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

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