Dear Daughters…

Yesterday a proverbial “glass ceiling” was shattered in the political and historical realm. A landmark moment for women of the world as a new position was taken by a female that has never been before. The liberal left and the conservative right alike are condoning and celebrating the sexual identity of the person who holds... Continue Reading →

Here’s The Thing

Kick Fear in the Face Have you ever experienced that aching in your soul to try something new? A little nudge within saying... “Hey you, how ‘bout you give that a shot?” Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you’ve told that annoying little voice to sit down and be quiet. Nobody has time for... Continue Reading →

A Weary World Rejoices

On the eve of what would usher in the chance for restored humanity, in the darkness of a fallen world and the somber pangs of a lonely night, stars paving a road to an altered eternity yet no room left for weary travelers at the inn... moments before forever changed, do you think they felt... Continue Reading →

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